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The main objective for Leonard V Godinho in designing this course was to train individuals to respond confidently to familiar patterns of assault in business, in the home, on the street or anywhere.

This outline is a summary of the key aspects of Personal Safety and Street Survival, utilizing some of the world's best and most effective methods of Self Defense. You will learn and remember these simple exercises and have these available when the emergency arises. As with any skill, you should practice frequently to reinforce your physical and mental ability to execute these movements perfectly.

Psychological and Technical Aspects of Staying Safe and Alive

Learn how to:

  1. Keep in good physical condition;
  2. Be alert and attentive at all times;
  3. Relax, don't panic; stay cool, calm and composed in order to direct and focus your force-field of energy.
  4. Use reasoning (if you get the opportunity to speak) - never warn/threaten - Keep a safe distance - always maintain eye contact.
  5. Fight or Flight? Possessions can be replaced. You cannot.
  6. Take the initiative - attack the attacker; don't be defensive; fight to win.
  7. Yell loudly, using feinting/distraction techniques; make vital areas your primary targets.
  8. Fight unfair - your attacker is not going to fight fair; why should you?
  9. Never go to the ground with an attacker; use simple techniques with quick/effective follow-up.
  10. Prepare regularly through mental review.

Pre-Instruction (Basic):

  • Posture; stability; position; stance
  • Anatomy of the body; study of vital and sensitive points
  • Various types of most effective blows; punches and kicks

Basic Defense Against:

  • Wrist-Arm Grab
  • Two-handed Grab
  • Front Hold or Hair Grab
  • Rear Strangle/Choke Hold
  • Side Head Lock
  • Hand Shove
  • Front Bear Hug
  • Rear Bear Hug

Basic Forms

Basic Breakfalls

In general, the laws of self-defense state that a victim of assault may use all the force that he/she believes is reasonably necessary to protect oneself.

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