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Rapid rise in urban warfare, terrorism and insurgency prompted Soke Dairi Sensei Leonard V Godinho to introduce the HODA KOROSU program exclusively for Special Forces, Elite Counter Terrorism units, Rapid Task Force Squads and Commando Teams. These personnel have an obligation and responsibility to dispatch and kill on command the country's enemy, with maximum effectiveness in minimum time. Soke Sensei Godinho's goal is to empower these personnel with appropriate skills and techniques necessary for them to be successful in their assignments.

In order for participants to have the will, determination and mind-set to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently, the program’s primary emphasis is on total control of mind and emotions. Specific breathing, mind control, auto suggestion, self hypnosis, body conditioning exercises, etc. are incorporated in this course.

Training in HODA KOROSU includes the anatomy of the human body and the ancient deadly arts of Atemi Waza, Aiki-Jitsu and Marma Shastra techniques. These arts give participants a detailed study of the vital life-force energy pathways and junction points, which connect to the major nerve centers, veins, arteries, etc. directly linked to all the vital organs of the body.

Individuals are trained how to pressure force, strike, pierce at these vital life-force energy junction points with specific direction, angle and accuracy. This is accomplished by skillful use of their bare hands or any available object to successfully incapacitate and kill the enemy instantly. These techniques require to be monitored and supervised by a master expert and, if improperly taught or practiced, can lead to shock, convulsions, paralysis, lingering agony and slow death.

Soke Dairi Sensei Godinho teaches each technique in graphic detail and then works these techniques into specifically designed training drills. With his continuous motivation and guidance, the participant’s whole personality is transformed from within with renewed confidence, a stronger will and a more determined mind-set to successfully execute his mission.

You have mastered the art of HODA KOROSU when you have the Coroner confused and kept guessing.

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