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Introductory Multi-Program Workshop  

Mixed Martial Arts

& First Aid

Security and Counterterrorism

Defensive Weapons  
Enforcer 29  
Hoda Korosu  
LVG 13  
Neutralizer 25  

Health and Wellness

Children Fitness Training  
Meditation (lvg*) Way  
(Headphones Recommended)
Stretch & Breathe  



The introductory multi-program one-day workshop will cover basic key aspects from the personal defense & safety programs of Subdue and Rape and from health & wellness programs of Stretch & Breathe, Slim, Couple, Stress and Heal, Meditation (lvg) Way.

The main purpose of the introductory one-day multi-program workshop is to provide corporations, sports/fitness organizations and the general public an opportunity to receive additional information on the various LVG programs that are available for their employees, members and other individuals. These courses would help people take actions necessary for improving their health, wellness, protection and safety.

As all LVG programs are reputed for being tailored to the needs of individuals, irrespective of their age group or fitness levels, participants will experience for themselves how instant modifications are made to these programs in order to be more accessible and generate interest for those who may have considered it not possible for them to pursue this training. Every individual would receive personal attention and the necessary information for the programs that would be of interest to them.

Individuals will observe and experience the high teaching standards, sound moral and ethical behavior displayed by every LVG coach, as well as their confidence in communication and demonstration of the specific program offered. The effective motivational techniques employed by coaches will be a key factor in their decisions and commitments to take up serious training in the LVG programs that will finally result in significant improvement in their personal safety and well-being.

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