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Meditation (lvg*) Way

(Headphones recommended for best experience)

“Binaural” means relating to both ears and to listen best to these Binaural Beats with a pair of stereo headphones during the Meditation(lvg*)Way. The science behind Binaural Beats occurs naturally in the brain. A different sound (tone) frequency is sent to the left and right ears through stereo headphones. Upon hearing these two different frequencies (one in the left ear and one in the right), the brain interprets these two different frequencies and will perceive a new third frequency based on the mathematical difference between these and adapts this new third frequency thus becoming “entrained” to it.

Meditation (lvg*) Way is an easy meditation process that lets you be in harmony with yourself and in attunement with nature and GOD, the creator of the universe. Breathing is one of the greatest factors to attaining a deep state of meditation. In practicing Meditation (lvg*) Way, one needs to focus on the breath and a deep calmness will soon be achieved.

Breath is life. The word "spirit" means breath. Breath is the vital/life force; it is the central activity of our bodies. Mind and breath are one reality: when your mind is agitated your breath is agitated; when you're nervous you breathe quickly and shallow; when your mind is at rest the breath is deep, slow, and effortless. Also, when your mind concentrates on breath, you learn to get rid of anxiety, depression, fear, hostility and other stressful emotions. You learn to manage strong and habitual emotions and let them pass without any trace. You will be able to maintain equilibrium in your life without unhealthy emotions.

Staying centered or grounded is an integral part of the Meditation (lvg*) Way process and bio-energetic healing. Closing your eyes, or ‘blinding’ your vision, helps to render centering physically and psychologically, inside yourself. The centering is an act of self-searching, understanding of oneself, and relationship to GOD, the creator of the universe. Through centering you can be aware of the dynamics of your own consciousness and body.

In Meditation (lvg*) Way, pay special attention to abdominal breathing. If your mind starts to wander, try to return your consciousness to the object of meditation and wave away those thoughts like clouds. Breathing will become deeper with practice. Maintenance of a passive attitude helps to achieve a meditative state. For beginners to have a lot of thoughts and few moments of clear consciousness is natural, nevertheless, try to diffuse and become oneness with the universe by gradually mastering and switching the consciousness. Starting with a few minutes each day, you will find Meditation (lvg*) Way practice easier to perform and then gradually increase the duration period anywhere from 16 to 25 minutes.

Meditation (lvg*) Way was developed by Soke Dairi Sensei Leonard Godinho as an adventure of self-discovery. It is an invitation to experience this field of awareness and to recognize the body’s true function as an incredible biological system that allows us to expand our quality of consciousness and alter our energy frequency to the infinite, omnipresent, cosmic energy emitting from the creator of the universe, our Heavenly Father. With regular practice of special Meditation (lvg*) Way techniques, the life energy of the body and the mind can be liberated, and the indescribable bliss, ecstasy and joy will unleash in those who practice Meditation (lvg*) Way with all sincerity and patience.

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