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Soke Sensei Leonard V Godinho developed and designed THE ENFORCER - 29 especially for use in covert assignments. This versatile instrument consists of an adjustable palm-wrist harness attached to a metallic ridged handle of 6 inches connected to a polysiloxane rubber ridged/tapered flexible thong of 23 inches, giving it a total length of 29 inches.

As THE ENFORCER - 29 has a built-in palm-wrist harness in its handle it cannot be easily snatched away and used against you. This instrument is usually wrapped, twisted or folded and hidden from view, making it a very convenient instrument to carry concealed. Often this tool is carried around the waist for a quick and speedy draw.

THE ENFORCER - 29 uses swinging strikes described as whipping to hit, hook and bind an opponent, restrict movement, and to deflect the impact of blows from weapons. Because of its flexibility, it can be used to strike around obstacles, blocks, forward thrusts and random onslaught charges. Swinging strikes are some of the most effective techniques employed to distract, disarm, and wrap around the attacker to lock, control, subdue and for the final takedown action.

Personnel from elite counter-terrorism and special rapid task force units, who have experienced the super flexible maneuvers and deadly effectiveness of THE ENFORCER - 29 prefer to have it in their collection of arsenal to aid them break the will, mental attitude and resistance power of the enemy.

THE ENFORCER – 29’s excruciating locks, submission holds, take downs and deadly garroting techniques make it a choice tool for silent assassination and it is now included into the curriculum and training manuals of many elite military units and Special Forces for covert operations.

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