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HEALis a program with custom-made workouts that encourage the body’s endocrine system to increase production of hormones that maintain physiological and homeostatic control. This program offers an anti-aging diet plan and simple ways to modify one’s daily routine which help to prevent illness and slower the aging process.

Optimizing your health is the main requirement to prolong your life span. Leonard V Godinho developed in this HEAL program a series of steps that will not only help slower the aging process, but will also keep you feeling youthful, super energized, and healthier than you ever imagined.

In this HEAL program you will learn various methods how to purify and rebalance the body by activating its inner ‘life force’ energy. The aim is to locate these imbalances and make necessary adjustments to correct, strengthen and restore proper balance of the ‘life force’ energy to boost the mood, vitality and well- being.

With every HEAL session the mind is first “scientifically disconnected” from the external surroundings and goes well beyond deep relaxation to establish a link between the conscious desires, the will power, the subconscious and the unconscious mind. This revolutionary method is utilized for strengthening the immune system, reversing damage at the cellular, system and organ level as well as for taking total control of oneself.

HEAL workshop participants gain a positive mind-set that will serve as a platform to create an ageless lifestyle

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