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Vajra in Sanskrit means both thunderbolt and diamond. The Vajra is believed to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power. It is a ritual tool or spiritual implement which is symbolically used by Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. This ritual tool or spiritual implement, the Vajra, was especially modified and designed into a defense control implement for close quarter combat by Soke Dairi Sensei Leonard V. Godinho who is a native of India, the birthplace for most forms of martial arts. This defense control implement is known as the "LVG-13" or Life's Valuable Gadget 13; where 13 represents its approximate length in cms.

Street survival and self defense experts who have field tested this implement have unanimously acknowledged that it is one of the most valuable gadgets to possess during real life threatening encounters. They testify that with masterly skill of the "LVG-13" any person is able to subdue and neutralize most forms of attacks from single and multiple opponents. Also, one of the greatest advantages of the "LVG-13" is that it cannot be taken and used against you because of its double palm harness and obscurity.

Soke Dairi Sensei Godinho pioneered the use of the "LVG-13" for training select personnel from the Mountain Brigades, Commandos, and Elite guerrilla warfare units. The "LVG-13" was found to be so efficient and effective in close combat situations during covert missions against the enemy forces that it was later introduced as a necessary hand-to-hand defense control gadget for elite units and Special Forces.

Agencies in aviation, transportation, law enforcement, security and defense contractors from numerous countries have recognized the power and use of this formidable tool and have requisitioned his services and consultations. Instructors who have studied and trained under him for the past 40 years have been training personnel from paramilitary, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, security and executive protection units internationally.

To the beginner, "LVG-13" teaches the relation between physical movement and mental intention. An action is no longer an isolated process, it involves the whole body. The internal bio-energetic strength which is always superior should be in total attunement with your physical motion and that will activate the inner-life force energy within you. It is a process that has the potential to create both physical and mental unity with your adversary for a successful outcome of staying safe and alive in life-threatening situations.

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