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Leonard V. Godinho, Black Belt 6th Dan (the ultimate competitive grade in the tradition of the Ketsugo System of mixed martial arts) was born in Mumbai, India. He has been an active practitioner of the martial arts for over 52 years. One of the first Indians to earn a Black Belt in Aikido, he also holds master grades in several disciplines of martial arts as well as kobu-do (weapons system). He is acknowledged as the present Soke-Dairi of the Ketsugo System by his associates and colleagues within the martial arts community.

In India, he is regarded as one of the country's foremost authorities on Aikido, and the Ketsugo System. He was given the task of introducing these disciplines into the curriculum of the Army and Law Enforcement training institutions. Soke Sensei Godinho was responsible for developing Security training programs for Aviation personnel i.e. Sky/Air Marshals during the initial stages of hijackings, hostage taking, terrorist activities etc. for the National Airlines as well as other International Airlines. Internationally, he has been recognized for his expertise in Hoda Korosu (the art of being able to kill or maim with skillful use of bare hands or with any available object).

Soke Dairi Sensei Leonard Godinho is credited for having designed a defense control gadget for (CQC) Close Quarters Combat which is known as the formidable LVG-13. Elite units on counter-terrorism from INTERPOL, EUROPOL, National Security Agency, Homeland Security, State, Justice and Defense Departments have requisitioned his services and consultations on Hoda Korosu and the LVG-13.

Officials from the Military, Law enforcement, Security and Defense contractors from numerous countries continue to seek his expertise and recognize Soke Dairi Godinho for his achievements, on-going contributions and for his latest innovations of ‘THE ENFORCER 29’ and ‘THE NEUTRALIZER-25’.

His numerous Black Belt instructors, some of whom have studied and trained personally under him for the past 40 years, are internationally recognized for their expertise and training skills. Under his guidance and direction they are responsible for training personnel from the paramilitary, municipal, railway, aviation, law enforcement, transportation and security organizations in many countries.

Soke Dairi Godinho has taught self-defense, street survival, domestic violence and personal safety classes at international YMCAs, YWCAs and major universities. He has trained thousands of persons from all walks of life from multi corporations, educational institutions, and sports clubs.

From 1987, he was contracted to teach police self-defense tactics, techniques and weapons skills to Special Forces, law enforcement and security personnel in many counties in the State of California, and many other states in the US.

Soke Sensei is also, a highly respected experienced registered yoga teacher E-RYT 500; YACEP from the Yoga Alliance and also a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. He has numerous years of teaching experience and has developed yogic programs, seminars and courses for instructors to teach here in the USA and also on the international stage.

Soke Sensei Godinho developed a variety of Stress programs for Military, Defense and Law Enforcement personnel to teach them how to function and effectively manage their Stress levels that encompasses their daily jobs. These programs are conducted at many Defense Institutions, Law Enforcement and Security training agencies in the U.S. and overseas.

His specially designed multipurpose courses, like Subdue, Rape, Control, Stretch & Breathe, Slim, Couple, Stress, Heal, Meditation (lvg) Way, etc. are very popular for their simplicity, effectiveness and positive results.

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