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COUPLE Yoga (lvg*) Way program is based on the concept of energetic sublimation. It gives couples an opportunity to learn from Indian Tantra, Hatha, Kundalini yoga and Karezza, ancient secret methods that empower them in the conservation, cultivation and transformation of their potential life energies.

COUPLE Yoga (lvg*) Way program offers special control techniques as aids for partners to conserve and re-absorb all their vital essences which result in generation of a unified source of potential life energy. Consequently, partners feel recharged, rejuvenated and revitalized to channel this new reinforced life energy into all aspects of their lives.

COUPLE Yoga (lvg*) Way does not promise instant results; it's not a crash course for achieving sexual prowess, but is meant for partners who want to enrich their relationship through love, intimacy and oneness. This yoga program is an extension course - a master class in love and relationship. In this continuing education, partners guide each other with specific exercises and techniques to unite as one energetic whole and to journey through the higher centers in the body's energetic anatomy.

COUPLE Yoga (lvg*) Way does not depend on religion or marriage as the solution to cultivating oneness, but it is the union or fusion of positive/negative life energies that encourage and empower partners to connect as soul mates at a level that is deeper than ever before.

Leonard V Godinho, who is a native of India and widely known for his teachings, considered developing this COUPLE Yoga (lvg*) Way program to give partners an opportunity to journey deeper into their relationship as a loving couple and experience attunement, bliss and fulfillment in their relationship.

With Couple Yoga (lvg*) Way - Cultivate Oneness Day By Day

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