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Laws change frequently and therefore what was once proper and viable has now become taboo and deemed too dangerous. With science and technology entering the picture, training has had to change as to not harm, nor, infringe on the rights of its citizens. The following training program will establish a strong, knowledgeable and immediate understanding of close quarter defensive weapons applications and tactics. This training program will work for all security, and law enforcement agencies, in all countries. Your agency will most certainly want to embrace this concept of safe training in today's litigious world. This program was designed by Soke Sensei Leonard V Godinho for that purpose.

Performance Objectives:

  1. An understanding of the legal issues, liabilities and practices for use of these defensive weapons.
  2. Knowledge and immediate understanding of close quarter defensive weapons applications and tactics. This is to include: hazards in approaching armed suspects, positioning, shielding, and tactical decisions in close combat situations for control/disarming subjects.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in techniques with the required weapons to include: Stances, positioning, footwork movement, carries draws, blocks, strikes, takedowns, counters and retention weapons techniques.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of special training methods, aids, tools and equipment.
  5. Demonstrate Breathing & Relaxation Exercises.

Program Outline

- Course Objectives & Safety Guidelines
- Use of Appropriate Tools/Weapons
- Impact of Less-lethal & Fatal Points of Human Body
- Principles & Nomenclature of Tools/Weapons
- Awareness and Tactical Decision Making
- Realistic Scenario Training

Goal: To provide security and law enforcement officers an added resource in life-threatening situations.

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