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With the emphasis on a safety-conscious society and litigious world today, there is a growing need to have qualified individuals with adequate knowledge and skills in revival/resuscitation, first aid and life saving responses capable of providing safe training for any activity. This course has been designed by Soke Sensei Godinho to help you acquire the necessary skills to effectively respond in an emergency situation.

Revival & resuscitation techniques are based mainly on the ‘Kappo/Katsu’ methods used by senior master grade martial arts, zen/yoga teachers to revive students who have been choked or strangled to the point of unconsciousness. These techniques are also used to ease pain and prevent injury to the internal organs caused by a heavy blow, kick or hit to the throat, solar plexus, abdomen, groin, etc.

In the‘Kappo/Katsu’ systems individuals are trained in methods which are similar to modern Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC). They learn how to perform manual manipulation for better flow of air to the lungs for normal functioning of the respiratory system and to open closed arteries for better circulation until the person regains consciousness.

Participants are given in-depth lessons on the anatomy of the human body with emphasis on the musculoskeletal and respiratory/circulatory systems. The program offers graphic step-by-step instructions on safe and effective methods regarding recovery positions to set the relocation of dislodged bones and joints as well as stop immediate bleeding from various body orifices/wounds, etc.

Participants are given written and practical tests that conform to U.S. national and international safety medical standards in order for them to be knowledgeable and confident to apply their skills in an emergency situation until professional medical help is sought and arrives at the scene.

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