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People from all walks of life are concerned about the ever increasing rate of violent criminal acts in their neighborhoods and cities. These crimes create an environment of fear and concern for their personal safety motivating them to train in self defense and street survival.

Many of these persons have the misfortune of training under instructors who lack the knowledge and skills of self defense and street survival techniques, which results in them believing that they have been trained and prepared to defend and protect themselves.

For practical self defense and street survival training, a different approach technique-wise and psychology-wise is necessary and which forms the core principle in the KETSUGO system of mixed martial arts.

KETSUGO in Japanese means combination, and in English it is a compendium of Karate, Savate, Judo and Aikido. Training in KETSUGO incorporates a comprehensive and pragmatic program to equip one to defend oneself in any exigency on the street, where rules are conspicuous by their absence, and dirty tricks coupled with the element of surprise are the order of the day.

The emphasis here is on low and powerful combinations, counters and takedowns, along with kicks, punches and blocks of Karate; flat check thrusts, foot blows and cupped hits of Savate; break falls, grappling, choking/strangulation holds and throws of Judo, and stylized locks and throws of Aikido, which together make a formidable invisible arsenal.

This unique four-way combination of Karate, Savate, Judo and Aikido, and threefold development of mind, body and spirit, along with 'psychological preparedness', helps one stay safe and alive.

The KETSUGO system offers a wide choice of the best and most appropriate life-sustaining responses to suit any individual in any situation or emergency and that is why it is universally acknowledged and ranked as one of the best mixed martial arts systems for self defense and street survival.

The KETSUGO system is now taught at many Police/Law Enforcement Academies and Army Colleges of Combat as well as to civilians at university campuses, educational institutions, YMCA's and YWCA’s all over the world.

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