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Proficiency and expertise in personal defense skills and street survival techniques for Law Enforcement & Security personnel is very difficult to achieve and maintain because it requires extensive training and regular practice. Lack of confidence to defend themselves and also in the use of their service weapons will ultimately often lead to use of deadly force with their firearms.

In order to avoid as far as possible the use of their firearms and provide them the necessary confidence to protect and defend themselves in life threatening situations, Soke Sensei Leonard V Godinho developed and designed an innovative tool known as THE NEUTRALIZER – 25.

As the techniques with this revolutionary instrument are instinctive and almost reflexive in nature, most of the moves can be easily mastered without extensive training. Law Enforcement & Security personnel can now become proficient and gain utmost confidence in the applications and use of this powerful tool in a short period of training.

THE NEUTRALIZER – 25 is constructed with highly graded, reinforced fiber-coated plastic material and has two parallel ridge shafts joined together to a ridge handle of 5 inches in length. The top shaft, with hemispherical ends, is 13 inches in length and the lower shaft, also with hemispherical ends, measures 25 inches.

Field testing and evaluation done by Law Enforcement, Security Agencies, Contract Guard Services and Police Weapons and Tactics Instructors concluded that THE NEUTRALIZER – 25 was much superior and more effective than many of the non lethal weapons currently available. They opined that one of the greatest advantages this instrument provides is that every move brings renewed confidence in its use, together with a positive feeling about their ability to defend themselves in any situation.

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