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SLIM is an effective program ideal for people struggling with issues of excess weight, obesity and lack of interest in physical activity. This program was designed by Leonard V. Godinho to increase energy, strength, flexibility and weight loss through exercise, thereby improving the quality and length of life.

Trying to lose weight is to get into the mid-high range of your target heart rate zone (about 65% to 85% of max heart rate) which is very important for burning up calories. It is easier to get your heart rate up when you're jumping and bouncing around; but, for many, high impact exercise just isn't an option.

The key to making low impact exercise work for you is to train a bit harder by involving your entire body in all what you're doing. Try these SLIM moves for making your workouts more intense:

Increase Upper Body Moves:

Upper body moves can contribute to your overall intensity so think of swinging and raising the arms overhead during workouts and the exercise program.

Quicker Moves:

Picking up pace/speed is another way to make your workouts a little more intense.

Include Lower Body Moves:

Increasing intensity without impact by squats, lunges, etc. gets the hips, thighs and feet totally involved.

Large Wide Moves:

Making larger wider moves in any of your exercise routines will help in creating intensity and making these daily repetitive moves more demanding.

The SLIM program teaches you how to build muscle, lose fat and turn back the biological clock by targeting nutrition and exercise principles. The progressive breath, body and mind-control exercises increase confidence, muscular strength, awareness and favorable body composition changes.

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